Norman, a great friend, unquenchable foodie, and hundred-proof photographer from the Philippines, says, “you know the soul of a country by eating its street food.” Because I’ve eaten the street foods in every country I’ve visited — even Japan, who seemed to pride themselves on not having as much street food as china — I have to admit he’s right.

Stationary carts in Tai O, push carts in Miraflores, small trailers in Mexico City, and literal hole-in-the-walls in Durban teach me more about the world and its people than Ms. Smith’s Social Studies class ever did. These classrooms don’t care…

Darnell Lamont Walker

Children’s Writer | Doc Filmmaker | Explorer | Pho Eater | Chai + Oat Milk Drinker | Father of a Genius | Contact: Darnell.Walker@Me.Com

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